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Make more calls profitable with Teligent VoIPZone®

With VoIPZone®, you can offer subscribers new, attractive and innovative service plans that take advantage of open internet VoIP calling to generate new revenues.

Subscribers also benefit from these new, advanced services as they continue to use their existing number, with no need to set up a new account or caller ID; they can also communicate with any normal mobile or landline, not just other service users.

Operator benefits of VoIPZone®:

  • More billable services
  • Increase ARPUs and subscriber stickiness
  • Fully customizable service – brand it your way
  • Reverse revenue erosion caused by services such as Skype or Viber

Subscriber benefits of VoIPZone®

  • More options for advanced voice services
  • Retain existing number – no need to set up new identities or account IDs etc
  • Manage everything with just your existing account
  • Works with any mobile or landline number

For more details of VoIPZone® and what it can do for you, read on below.

Existing IP services such as Skype and Viber are gaining popularity outside the reach of carriers. But these services segment the subscriber's user experience in that the subscriber's mobile number and identity is different for each service and, in addition, callers to the subscriber must know via which application/service and device to contact the subscriber.

Teligent's VoIPZone® avoids such disadvantages by being seamlessly integrated with both the PLMN and the VoIP networks and controlling the routing of calls over the available networks without subscriber or caller intervention. In addition, since the VoIPZone® is based on Teligent Telecom's patented Teligent P90/E convergent SDP new and advanced services can be added and launched efficiently both today and in the future. It also tailors for efficient integration with existing infrastructure, pre- and post-paid billing systems and allows the operator to effectively charge and manage subscribers using existing methods.

By utilising off-the-shelf SIP clients the VoIPZone® product is planned to be compatible with mobile devices which can support a standard SIP client such as Android and Apple smart-phones.

The VoIPZone® service is designed to provide a direct, easy to access experience for the user. There is no need for user registration or activation. If the mobile device is pre-loaded with the client, the user can simply choose to make calls using the service (this is dependent on the limitations and restrictions defined by the carrier).

If the user has a compatible mobile device (such as Android) without the client pre-installed, it is envisaged to be a simple procedure to download the client to the terminal enabling the user to make VoIPZone® calls.

Special attractive rate plans for your subscribers

Teligent Telecom's VoIPZone® service allows the operator to offer VoIP calls over 2G, 3G, 4G and over Internet from Wi-Fi hot-spots with terminals (this requires Wi-Fi support from the handset which includes nearly all available Android devices).

The VoIP calls can be offered with attractive rate plans and service packages to subscribers without negative impact on profits due to greater efficiency in network use. The service provide wide-ranging flexibility alowing the operator the possibility to offer unique combinations of plans which take advantage of the VoIPZone® solution.

Examples of the types of services and packages the network operator can launch can be are as follows:

  • Full service "all calls" special rate VoIP plans over national 2G/3G networks and national and international Internet/Wi-Fi zones.
  • Limited national 2G/3G VoIP call plans to augment regular PLMN call plans.
  • Limited roaming plans such as special low rate international calling plans utilizing Internet and Wi-Fi zones and avoiding high cost roaming fees
  • Special low cost Wi-Fi - Internet to Internet call-rate plans - still using the regular mobile telephone numbers for incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Or other combinations of plans as designed by the carrier.

Clear benefits for the subscriber

The users of the VoIPZone® service are just regular subscribers in the network of the operator. The subscriber will continue to have their regular phone number both for regular mobile calls and calls through the VoIPZone® service. Subscribers can continue to make and receive phone calls from and to their device from and to any phone in the global telecom network just as before.

This includes all calls in the defined special plan VoIP calls offered by the operator through VoIPZone®. The operator has full control through the "Policy and Control Database" on what types of calls should be TDM over the PLMN and what calls should be VoIP calls as well as over what users that can access and utilize what type of VoIP call scenarios.

The Teligent VoIPZone® service is compatible with both post-paid and pre-paid subscribers and VoIPZone calls are handled transparently for the subscriber. The operator can offer special rate plans and packages for the use of the VoIPZone® service and charge the service as normal for both pre-paid and post-paid.

As the VoIPZone® service is utilizing Internet, Wi-Fi zones and 4G/3G/2G data IP telephony, significant cost savings per call can be made for the operator. In many instances both national and international roaming fees, interconnect charges and network fees can be avoided for calls made over the VoIPZone® service. Yet the VoIPZone® offers the full telecom-grade service allowing calls to and from all mobile devices and handsets in the world without the subscriber having to have identifiers other than the standard mobile telephone number.


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