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Service Delivery Platform

A generic platform

Service Delivery PlatformUnlike many other systems, Teligent P90/E is a platform for all types of value added services. This difference is a great strength as many competitors have platforms that are specialised towards specific groups of services, for example messaging or IN. It is a clear advantage for our customers to provide all services from one single platform, especially as the Teligent P90/E platform can be customised according to specific customer or market requirements.

The Teligent P90/E platform is the basis of all Teligent solutions. When implementing a solution, the platform is configured according to the exact customer requirements. The platform can be scaled cost effectively from an entry level system up to a large geographically distributed solution. Additional capacity can easily be added at any time.

The applications

Teligent has a broad range of applications available for both mobile and fixed networks. All these solutions can be implemented in TDM and VoIP networks, with or without an IN/IMS architecture. Some examples of commercially deployed IN solutions include Access Screening, Number Translation, Mobile VPN and Voicemail.

Application builder

-Taking service creation all the way

The Teligent P90/E Application Builder is a graphical programming tool offering complete control over the development and implementation of value added and IN Services. This program provides a fully graphical environment in order to design, prototype, implement and test Teligent P90/E applications.

The Application Builder gives non-specialists a tool to prototype and test ideas. Should the prototype go to development stage, the Application Builder guides you through successive stages all the way to implementation using the prototype itself as the starting point. Application Builder provide a vital connections between operators' marketing and service deployment departments.

More than just service creation

Implementing a new service involves prototyping, debugging, building and integration, among other tasks. These are all incorporated in the Application Builder. From the initial idea to a functioning operating application, you will find applications for every stage of development in the Application Builder.

Transitional Gateway

To ease the migration path from legacy SCP to NGN Application Servers whilst retaining a DPNSS customer base, a transitional gateway can be used to convert protocols and also ensure that the features listed above can remain available to the DPNSS subscribers.

Teligent’s Transitional Gateway offering acts as a bridge between existing network and billing infrastructure, legacy networking equipment and external networks. The Transitional Gateway allows the operator to smoothly integrate both voice and billing protocols across network boundaries.

Teligent’s Transitional Gateway supports a wide-range of both modern protocols such as INAP, IMS, SIP, etc. and legacy protocols as diverse as DPNSS and ISDN.

The Transitional Gateway not only provides advanced protocol conversion and mediation facilities, but also the ability to intelligently control service offering though advanced system-wide and subscriber-based policy control.Like all Teligent services, the Transitional Gateway is based on Teligent’s P90/E SDP, an industry leading platform middleware.

More about the Transitional Gateway here

Network independent

Our products are not limited to specific environments. The Application Builder works irrespective of which network or protocol the service uses. It can be used to deliver services to all mobile networks, IN, traditional networks, Internet or any other network.

Main features:

  • Network independent
  • Open architecture
  • Thousands of Calls Per Second
  • Multi-layered, multi-application service logic
  • CDR generation and real-time billing
  • Wide range of IN, IMS and IT/Data protocols

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