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Teligent Number Translation Service

The Teligent Number Translation service is an advanced service that supporting flexible call routing functionality based on a large number of translation methods. With the Number Translation service operators are able to offer carrier grade services such as Free Phone, Premium Rate or other universal access services to both larger corporations as well as SME within one single solution. In addition to the call routing capabilities the Number Translation service based on INAP/SS7 intelligent network or NGN protocols includes a complete range of capabilities that meet both carrier as well as service number subscriber network infrastructure requirements including:

• Complete set of routing features

• Web Service Management and Provisioning Interface

• Flexible service configuration

• Operator templates to facilitate provisioning for subscribers

• Unique graphical Call Plan Editor tool

• Statistics and reporting

• Billing information support

Call Plans

The routing logic in the Number Translation service is described in a call plan. Routing logic in a call plan can range from a simple one-to-one translation scenario, where all calls are directed to a single destination, to extremely complex routing logic that includes any number and/or combination of routing features.

When a call plan is complete and configured to represents the desired routing logic it can be assigned to one or several service number(s), i.e. is made the active call plan for that service number.

A service number subscriber can also have multiple call plans. This ability enable the parallel provisioning of alternative call plans such as a ‘Backup Call Plan’ or ‘Disaster Call Plan’ which can easily be made active in the case of a failing call centre. The alternation of active call plan for the service numbers can be made manually at any time but can also be handled automatically by scheduling.

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