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Professional Services

Intelligent network services

Teligent Telecom provides a wide range of professional services in the areas of support, maintenance and consultancy services.

The purpose of Teligent Telecom Professional Services is to offer the customer a full set of services ranging from technical helpdesk services to advanced consulting services, e.g. technical expertise or project management.

The Teligent Telecom Professional services consits of the following products:

  • Customer support
  • Customer training
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Consulting
  • Provisioning
  • Facilities management

Customer support services

Teligent offers support services ranging from technical helpdesk services to sopare part management services. All support services can offer short response times and flexibility depending on system size and complexity.

Customer support services offer:

  • Technical help desk
  • Emergency Support
  • System Update
  • Spare Part Management

Operation and maintenance

Teligent offers operations and maintenance services ranging from planning the daily operations to nationwide network services depending on locale.

Operation and maintenance services offer:

  • O&M strategies, planning and follow-up
  • Daily operation
    • Fault and alarm management
    • System monitoring and performance management
    • Recovery and rollback
  • Periodic maintenance
    • Daily, weekly and monthly
    • Preventive maintenance, e.g. backups
    • Reactive maintenance, e.g. log file cleanup, system performance analyses
  • Deployment
    • Planning and on-site co-ordination
    • Installation
    • System verification
    • Roll-out
    • Configuration management

Provisioning services

Teligent offers provisioning services for provisioning and configuration of a system, networks and interface units.

Provisioning services offer:

  • File provisioning of customer data
  • Web provisioning of customer data
  • Alarm configuration
  • Network configuration
  • Firewall configuration
  • Web server configuration
  • Remote access configuration

Customer training services

Teligent offers fully customised training programs, ranging from customer care training to system solutions training, as well as standard training programs ranging from P90 introductions to advanced development training.

Customer training services offer:

  • Customer care
  • System solutions
  • Application design
  • Service creation
  • Operation and maintenance

Consulting services

Teligent offers professional services to new or existing customers. The consulting services ranges from business development and feasibility studies to project management. The scope would normally cover requirements management, system design and analysis, implementation and testing. Technical expertise in designing services using the Teligent P90/E Application Builder or designing system solutions for Intelligent Networks are examples of advanced services offered within Consulting Services.

Consulting services offer:

  • Project management
  • System design and technical expertise
  • Pre-studies/Feasibility studies
  • Business development

Facilities management

The facilities management services offer a turnkey commitment for customers systems and services. It includes support, operation & maintenance and provisioning.

Please discuss this with your Teligent sales representative to get more information.