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Teligent Legacy System Integration 

Extend the life of existing IT and Telecommunications systems whilst connecting to the latest technologies and protocols.


Modern Telecommunication Providers face the dilemma of maintaining a rich variety of platforms while at the same time looking to reduce costs, implement new technology and EOL extension of key systems where the original provider is no longer supporting these. This leads to the requirement to either replace whole BSS / OSS systems, run parallel systems, or make new systems backward compatible. With the new telecoms world heading for an IP based solution, operators with TDM, BICC or other legacy protocols encounter barriers to achieve interconnectivity and better operational management whilst incrementally pursuing the bottom line cost savings that IP has promised. This is where Teligent's legacy system integration and application modernisation capabilities can help!

Cost savings can therefore be achieved by consolidating to a single multi-application platform, eliminating the need for 'parallel running', or by migrating old platforms to lower footprint, higher density modern systems architectures, reclaiming space, power and updating security and resilience.

With part of the Teligent group operating for over twenty years, our vast heritage of experience in systems integration and supply for some of the most demanding applications in infrastructure systems has enabled us to specialise in custom multiple protocol complex system design and service modernisation. Teligent can provide custom solutions to replacing legacy systems or simplifying integration problems based on this approach, using its multi-protocol P90/E Platform and wide ranging skills in signaling integration, application development and 24x7 support.    Read More

Solution Development Services

Teligent are able to offer custom solution design, supply and support services across industry verticals or for OEM requirements, making convergent technologies a reality. With part of the Teligent group operating for over twenty years, our vast wealth of experience in systems integration and supply for some of the most demanding applications in the carrier grade network infrastructure market has enabled us to specialise  in the area of custom multiple protocol network architecture and system design. 

Teligent can offer solutions based on its P90/E platform for solutions supply or OEM requirements for incorporation into other systems, or as a systems integrator using best of breed technologies in high availability or large scale applications, including Internet of Things (IOT) gateway requirements.


Teligent Solution Development

Based on open source Unix (OS)

Available options include the advantage of our multi-protocol rapid application development platform


Teligent’s Services

Solution Design

White Paper Consultation and Proposal

Software Development 

Proven Test/Verification and Project Management

24x7 Support and Maintenance options


Our differentiation

Flexible revenue models

Comprehensive design, development and delivery services

20 years’ experience in supply and support to international companies

Demonstrable experience in highly scalable and fault resilient solutions    Read More

Call Completion

Making all calls count Next Generation Messaging

Convergence and ever changing market requirements offer both opportunities and challenges to modern telecom operators and service providers. Legacy environments need to be protected while exploiting the new possibilities of evolving technology. End-users have come to expect innovative, customized and easy-to-use services and flexibility is of utmost importance in order to meet these demands in a cost and time efficient manner.

Teligent’s SDP, the Teligent P90/E platform, represents the best-of-breed technology selection for real-time, fully redundant telecommunication application servers. By providing all of our services on a distributed multi-application platform we have enabled leading operators worldwide to create and deploy revenue generating, churn reducing offers with a specific uniqueness in every market.

For example, our Call Completion Engine is an application suite that is focused on generating revenue through making sure every call in your network completes in to a billable call. Our "Smart Router" technology is capable of routing and controlling calls to and from mobile, fixed and VoIP networking environments. As well as providing voicemail diversion control for internationally roaming users (allowing operators to comply with the new EU regulations for voicemail roaming subscribers) the Smart Router can also screen calls, perform simultaneous soft-phone and mobile ringing as well as subscriber-definable call-treatment.     Read More

Application ConsolidationMulti service and multi network IN/IMS platform

The Teligent P90/E concept meets the widespread need for unique solutions. We customise our solutions to suit the specific requirements of individual carriers or service providers.

The Teligent Service Delivery Platform P90/E (SDP) provides a solid and scalable foundation for IN and Next Generation IN applications for mobile, fixed and IP networks. The SDP can be configured as an SCP, IMS Application Server, Intelligent Peripheral (IP) and Media Server. Native capabilities include a multi-threaded application execution environment, real-time charging, real-time rating, message flow control and a configurable tool for generation of billing data.

Application solutions can be tailored to an operator’s needs through the onboard advanced graphical service creation environment (SCE), Application Builder. In addition, the Teligent SDP offers open interfaces to external application environments (SOA) using web services.    Read more

Teligent Next Generation Messaging

Exceeding Next Generation goals without sacrificing existing revenue streams Signaling integration

Moving in the right direction often means that change and acceptance of change is essential. However this change does not have to be painful. Next Generation Messaging services deployed over networks are a reality that Operators and Service Providers must deal with in order to keep a competitive advantage and out last the competition. The Teligent Next Generation Messaging meets the needs of new network environments without leaving revenue related benefits from the legacy world behind.

The Teligent Next Generation Messaging is a comprehensive suite of call completion and messaging related services executing on top of the Teligent P90/E platform. The platform supports realizations of Messaging services such as Voice/Fax Mail, Video Mail, SMS, Unified Messaging and Multi-Media Messaging. 

Teligent Next Generation Messaging opens up new ways of communicating by offering new services and new ways for end users to experience those services, like Visual Voice Mail as enhancements to the basic Voice Mail. This creates a more positive customer experience emphasizing simplicity of use and easy access that in turn drive higher demand and service usage resulting in increased revenue.     Read More

IN ServicesValue added solutions

Along with the movement towards an IP/Next Generation Network based infrastructure the interest for network agnostic IN like services has been strong. As Teligent have the advantage of the network agnostic platform our offering has been very competitive typically within the replacements of IN services at fixed operators with a need to migrate services and provide convergence with the IP/VoIP based network.

Our proven telecom platform, Teligent P90/E, presents a flexible distributed architecture that easily facilitates support of a diversity of Value Added Service applications run over various network types. All service applications supported have access to generic components that provide easy integration with new and existing infrastructure. This allows Operators and service providers to reap benefits from both legacy solutions and Next Generation/3G solutions.    Read More

Mass Call SolutionMass Call and Voting

Teligent has one of the most versatile and advanced Mass Calling solutions in the world which is capable of supporting thousands of calls per second.

The potential for Mass Calling services continue to grow, and be more and more important to carriers as the ARPU continues to increase, both for simple tele-voting as well as advanced interactive services. The Teligent Mass Calling solution combined with our market expertise allows the operator to implement a future-proof Mass Calling service foundation that is second to none.    Read More

Call Centre Services - Vertex India Introduction

Call centre services can be supplied from our partner company Vertex India.

Vertex India, a part of the Altruist Group, is a leading integrated end to end solution providers across Business Process Outsourcing, Customer Management Outsourcing and IT Services, serving host of clients across many sectors. Led by senior professionals from across Industries, we specialise in unlocking value by providing excellent service to our client's customers, while delivering desired business outcomes. By building relationships based on understanding our clients’ needs, we partner with clients to provide powerful insights and deliver comprehensive solutions that can improve customer experience, reduce cost-to-serve and increase profitability.

Deep practitioners

It is our peoples' skills, combined with our deep industry know-how and experience that allow us to provide rock-solid operational performance and functional expertise. With a focus on our clients' brand projection and customer experience, we work to develop and deliver the effective customer programs that will optimize performance. We work in the background aiming to ensure you are always meeting and exceeding customer expectation. Leveraging enhanced metrics, we aim to develop effective programs to optimize performance and deliver a great experience for your customers. 

Innovation as a key deliverable 

Beyond operational know-how, we look to new ways of thinking that enable our clients to achieve their desired business outcomes. Understanding key trends across major market sectors, both public and private, we leverage analytics to help to develop the right strategy aiming to exceed the expectations of your customers. Our activities focus on improving customer satisfaction, reducing the cost-to-serve, and increasing revenues.    Read More

Revenue Assurance – iConnectiva Introduction

iConnectiva Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management services can be supplied from our partner, iConnectiva Analytics and Insights Ltd. (a part of the Altruist Group).

They are an Analytics product and services company with a focus on Telecom subscriber data monetization. The company provides a portfolio of analytics solutions, which helps enable telecom, media, and utility companies to lower churn, improve operational effectiveness, boost ARPU and increase overall profitability.

Headquartered in India, the company supports a customer base in Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East and Europe. The customer base include leading service providers ranging from 2 million to 250 million subscribers in a variety of segments across mobile, cable, wire-line, media, utilities and business services. The product has won numerous awards and has been recognized as one of the leading products in the Revenue Assurance domain. It has one of the irst integrated Revenue management solutions supporting both Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management from a single platform. A single stop solution for Revenue Assurance, Fraud management, Business Intelligence and Credit Risk management with 360 degree customer profiling.


One of the major providers of Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management Solutions for Telecom and Energy sector clients.  Strong domain expertise benefits the customers directly. 


The Revenue Intelligence Solution is an end-to-end product which improves business agility, streamlines business processes, and manages risks associated with changing dynamic business model. This product ensures the zero fraud  loss and leakage across  the value chain from order to cash. The dynamic reconciliation engine gives an overview of the business in the form of reports which are easy to configure and schedule.    Read More

Custom software development companyA Telco VoIP Service

Teligent VoIPZone® is an innovative Value Added Service which allows Telecommunication Network Operators to offer advanced VoIP services as an integrated part of its services and offering. The VoIPZone® seamlessly integrates to mobile data networks and Wi-Fi Internet with mobile and fixed SIP softphone clients with a focus on smart-phone integrated SIP clients.

By allowing subscribers access to voice telephony over IP connections, such as mobile 3G data and Wi-Fi, the operator can greatly enhance the subscriber experience, offer new and attractive services whilst creating new possibilities to save network cost and provide attractive roaming options. Read More
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