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Call Centre Services - Vertex India Introduction

Call centre outsourcing services can be supplied from our partner company Vertex India.

Vertex India, a part of the Altruist Group, is a leading integrated end to end solution providers across Business Process Outsourcing, Customer Management Outsourcing and IT Services, serving host of clients across many sectors.  Led by senior professionals from across Industries, we specialise in unlocking value by providing excellent service to our client's customers, while delivering desired business outcomes. By building relationships based on understanding our clients’ needs, we partner with clients to provide powerful insights and deliver comprehensive solutions with the objective of improving customer experience, reduce cost-to-serve and increase profitability.

Deep practitioners 

It is our peoples' skills, combined with our deep industry experience that allow us to provide solid operational performance and functional expertise. With a focus on our clients' brand projection and customer experience, we work to develop the effective customer programs that will optimize performance. We work in the background aiming to ensure you are always meeting or exceeding customer expectation. Leveraging enhanced metrics, to develop effective programs to optimize performance and deliver a great experience for your customers.

Innovation as a key deliverable 

Beyond operational know-how, we look to new ways of thinking that enable our clients to achieve their desired business outcomes. Understanding key trends across major market sectors, both public and private, we leverage analytics to help to develop the right strategy aiming to exceed the expectations of your customers. Our activities focus on improving customer satisfaction, reducing the cost-to-serve, and increasing revenues.

Collaborative partnerships

Our culture focuses on teaming to build effective solutions with quantifiable business benefit. We are innovative and adhere to a "same-side of the table" philosophy. Working with you, we can help you transform your business operations and our value-based approach helps mitigate your risk.

Vertex India 

  • Headquartered at Mumbai, Vertex India delivers range of services to international and domestic clients.
  • To tap and build on the vast growth opportunity India presents, Vertex, in June 2017, acquired a major diversified domestic BPO, thus emerging as one of India’s largest integrated end to end solution providers in the customer management outsourcing industry, offering services across voice, non-voice including automated solutions and fulfilment processes to Indian customers.
  • Vertex India has enjoyed a very healthy growth trajectory. It now delivers to a broad client base across key companies in the Telecom, Financial Services (banking and Insurance), E-commerce, Hospitality, Retail & Distribution and Public Sector.
  • In the Public Sector space, we are a part of the Indian government’s Tax Information Network (TIN), at the time, the only BPO chosen by a leading national depository.


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