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With converged networks becoming a reality and as operators offer increasing levels of content from third-party sources, the real-time nature of convergent charging and billing system integration becomes much more important, because errors may result in operators being forced to make payouts to partners that they are unable to recover from subscribers.

For operators with a PBX-heavy customer base, specific features need to be considered in detail when migrating to a SIP-based Service Network. Features such as MWI, Route Optimisation and some Call Back / Call Completion features have been seen to cause issues to some operators.

To ease the migration path from legacy SCP to NGN Application Servers whilst retaining a DPNSS customer base, a Teligent P90/E acting as a transitional gateway can be used to convert protocols and also ensure that the features listed above can remain available to the DPNSS subscribers.

Why THE Teligent P90/E Gateway Solution?

Teligent's P90/E can act as custom high performance protocol converter, or as a bridge or billing system gateway between the existing network and the billing infrastructure, legacy networking equipment and external networks. This allows the operator to smoothly integrate both voice and billing protocols across network boundaries.

Teligent's P90/E platform supports a wide-range of both modern protocols such as INAP, IMS, SIP, etc. and legacy protocols as diverse as DPNSS and ISDN.

This not only provides advanced protocol conversion and mediation facilities, but also the ability to intelligently control service offering though advanced system-wide and subscriber-based policy control.

 Like all Teligent services, this is based on Teligent's P90/E SDP, an industry leading platform middleware.

Discover the benefits

Based on the patented P90/E platform. It can serve a multitude of networks and services at fixed, mobile and IP based operators allowing them to discover the benefits of a truly convergent platform. It also enables operators to avoid the cost of replacing their existing, legacy service delivery platforms (SDPs) and billing systems, or changing their core networks.

Using its patented P90/E architecture for services, Teligent enables operators and carriers to host and deliver value-added solutions on mobile, fixed and IP networks. These solutions support customers' individual communications and marketing needs, and include advanced call handling and completion, messaging, mass calling, and next-generation IN services.

Voice, Data and Billing

Teligent's P90/E supports voice, data and billing for a wide range of networks, for example:

  • VoIP (both IMS and SIP)

  • Private PBX networking (SIP and DPNSS)

  • Data network support

  • GGSN interconnect


  • Billing support

  • Mobile IN billing (CAP2, 3 and 4)



  • Other

  • Parlay/OSA

Subscriber Aware Intelligent SERVER

A number of features are provided by the P90/E to allow the server to both store subscriber data and interact with external subscriber data stores. Options include:

  • Local subscriber information store

  • Remote subscriber information interrogation



  • ODBC

  • LDAP

  • Application aware

  • Mobile application in-app billing mediation

  • Prepaid charging integration for non-core network activities

  • Parlay/OSA application interfaces

Policy Control Features

The Teligent P90/E allows the operator to define per-service, per-network and per-protocol policy control based on a number of rules such as:

  • Subscriber based live permissions

  • Application (and smart-phone application) policy control

  • Time-based policy

  • Location-based policy

  • Account/funds based policy

Telecommunication Protocol Support

The P90/E supports a wide-range of telecommunication protocols including:

  • INAP (CS-1, CS-2, SINAP, TINAP, etc)

  • CAP v2-4 (voice & data)

  • MAP v2-3

  • ISUP (including national varieties such as BTNUP)

  • SIP (SIP-T, SIP-I and ISC)

  • RTP


IT Protocol Support

The P90/E (in addition to the telecommunication networks) supports a number of IT protocols to enable interaction with external Internet systems, CRM and provisioning interfaces such as:



  • Parlay/OSA

  • Web services API

  • ODBC

  • LDAP


All Teligent systems described are supplied subject to agreement on functional requirements as custom system solutions with full on-going support.