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Solution Development Services 

As a custom software development company Teligent offer custom solution design, supply and support services across industry verticals or for OEM requirements, making convergent technologies a reality. With a part of the Teligent group operating for over twenty years, our vast wealth of experience in systems integration and supply for some of the most demanding applications in the carrier grade network infrastructure market has enabled us to specialise in the area of custom multiple protocol complex system design.

Teligent solutions are based on its P90/E platform for solutions supply or OEM requirements for incorporation into other systems, or as a systems integrator using best of breed technologies in high availability or large scale applications, including Internet of Things (IOT) gateway requirements.

Custom software development company

Teligent Solution Development 

Based on open source Unix (OS)

Available options include the advantage of our multi-protocol rapid application development platform


Teligent’s Services 

Solution Design 

White Paper Consultation and Proposal

Software Application Development

Proven Test/Verification and Project Management

24x7 Support and Maintenance options


Our differentiation 

Flexible revenue models 

Comprehensive design, development and delivery services 

20 years’ experience in supply and support to international companies 

Demonstrable experience in highly scalable and fault resilient solutions

ISO Standards (For Teligent Ltd systems and support*)


Example Solutions 

Service Life Extension 

  • End Of Life (EOL) hardware support
  • Symbiotic System replacement
  • System function replacement based on latest hardware and software technology that can connect to existing and planned migration technologies
  • Application virtualisation

All Teligent systems described are supplied subject to agreement on functional requirements as custom system solutions with full on-going support.


*Teligent Ltd have ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 27001 (Information Security), ISO 14001 (Environmental) and OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety) certification with BSI covering all system solutions developed, installed and supported by Teligent Ltd.