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Teligent replace multiple Legacy BT platforms

Legacy System migration 

October 2017: Teligent Ltd, part of the Teligent Telecom Group, a leading provider of Intelligent Network (IN), call completion and complex system support services to tier one telcos and operators, has been chosen by BT to replace a number of legacy platform functions with its multi-application P90/E telecoms platform. 

As part of the migration, Teligent has deployed a customised solution based on its P90/E platform to replace end of life components of the Embark and FeatureNet Music on Hold legacy solutions. 

Teligent has provided a specific IN protocol converter function for use within the BT FeatureNet product set, replacing aging existing switches. As part of the Music on Hold functionality, Teligent provides extensions to BT RIDE at 24 sites to provide customer specific music as part of the BT FeatureNet solution. 

Teligent has a proven track record in migrating legacy platform functionality within BT’s network, such as the successful migration of BT’s hosted Common Intelligence Services Layer (CISL) interactive voice response (IVR) and Speech Recognition capabilities. This IVR function alone now manages 300 Million calls per year! 

Kelvin Silburn, Head of Core IP Design & Service Platforms, BT Technology, Service and Operations commented: “We continuously look to improve our existing products and services and Teligent’s platform allows us to deploy solutions across multiple protocols, networks and business areas in order to consolidate platforms and extend the life of our products while delivering operational savings.” 

Adrian Foulkes, Managing Director of Teligent Limited said: “Recognising that our customers are increasingly having to continue to support products and services far beyond their original expected lifespan has allowed us to use our UK based legacy signalling expertise to provide customised migration solutions based on our core P90/E technology platform to enable the jump to new technology whilst maintaining service provision. This helps our customers protect and enhance their current revenue and maintain service support and availability into the future. This can only strengthen customer’s faith in BT as their service provider of choice.” 

BT’s RIDE terminates calls as near to their origin as possible, thus maximising the number of effective, completed calls. It offers highly complex voting and competition services with the ability to greet callers with announcements, capture caller data, accept voting options, and select winners. 

Using its patented P90/E single-platform architecture for converged services, Teligent enables operators and carriers to host and deliver value-added solutions on mobile, fixed and IP networks. These solutions support customers’ individual communications and marketing needs, and include advanced call handling and completion, messaging, and next-generation IN or Internet Of Things (IOT) services.   

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Teligent Ltd, a subsidiary of Teligent Telecom AB, Sweden and an Altruist India Group company, is a supplier of customised infrastructure solutions for value-added services to mobile and fixed telecommunications operators. The Teligent Telecom Group offers include converged/NGN network services, IN systems, messaging, IOT Convergence and Telco signalling services, and custom solution developments including legacy system life extension or IP integration. Solutions are based on the award winning Teligent P90/E – a true single platform architecture aimed at convergent service development for IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS). Teligent Telecom’s solutions have been deployed in various configurations by a number of leading operators worldwide. For further information, please visit 

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