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Teligent Announces Support for WebRTC on its Multi Application Communications Platform

WebRTC Telephony System Integration

June 2018: Teligent Ltd - part of the Teligent Telecom Group, a leading provider of Intelligent Network (IN), Call Completion and custom Application Developments for Telcos, utilities and other large scale requirements - today announced support for WebRTC communications on its extensively proven P90/E multi-protocol and multiapplication communications platform.

By enabling custom solutions based on the P90/E platform, Teligent are able to provide interoperability between WebRTC clients and traditional voice services applications. This will allow service providers to take advantage of the scalability and resilience of applications built using the P90/E platform, while terminating or routing calls from web browsers to call centres or even to Teligent’s back end applications such as mass calling, IN and voicemail.

Teligent believes that integrating WebRTC ‘click to call’ functionality into both business and consumer targeted websites, which can be used on mobile and desktop devices, allows companies to provide value added services to their customers in either a traditional free to call model (where a WebRTC call is onward routed and if required transcoded) or to a contact centre such as for sales enquiries.

“This could offer network operators a solution to provide their customers the possibility of calls being managed by existing traditional call centre answering and distribution systems which may have been bypassed with earlier WebRTC communications that go direct to the agents screen, therefore removing the need to manage multiple queues or to install and maintain evolving WebRTC technologies to the agent”, said Adrian Foulkes, Managing Director at Teligent Ltd.

Using its proven P90/E single-platform scalable architecture for converged services, Teligent enables operators and carriers to host and deliver value-added solutions on mobile, fixed and IP networks with full 24x7 support services. These solutions support customers’ individual communications and marketing needs, and include advanced call handling and completion, messaging, and next-generation IN or Internet of Things (IOT) services.

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Teligent Ltd, a subsidiary of Teligent Telecom AB, Sweden and an Altruist India Group company, is a supplier of customised infrastructure solutions for value-added services to mobile and fixed telecommunications operators and other large scale custom requirements. The Teligent Telecom Group offers include converged/NGN network services, IN systems, messaging, IOT Convergence and Telco signalling services, and custom solution developments including legacy system life extension or IP integration. Solutions are based on the Teligent P90/E – a true single platform architecture aimed at convergent service development for IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS). Teligent Telecom’s solutions have been deployed in various configurations by a number of leading companies worldwide. For further information, please visit