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Teligent provides British Telecom with an SDIN upgrade to one of Europe’s largest voice platforms.

SDIN capability added to one of Europe’s largest distributed call termination platforms; this allows seamless migration of high volume, high value calls from legacy to Next Generation Networks.

July 2016: Teligent, a provider of voice service solutions to Tier 1 network operators in the United Kingdom, has announced supply of Session Distribution Interworking Network (SDIN) capability to British Telecommunications plc’s (BT) UK wide Recorded Information Delivery Equipment (RIDE) system, one of Europe’s largest innetwork call termination platforms, also supplied by Teligent Ltd which is part of the Teligent Telecom Group.

The voice platform used by BT is a customized version of Teligent's P90/e value added services platform. BT has used Teligent's solutions for over 15 years, primarily with the RIDE large scale customized voice platform which powers applications that demand incredible scaling such as when used for call-in voting applications for television shows such as X-Factor or Britain's Got Talent.

This latest delivery will enable seamless migration of high volume, high value calls from legacy to Next Generation Networks and upgraded nodes include additional high quality voice codecs and direct connections to Mobile Network Operators for BT.

Additional applications on RIDE include BT’s Intelligent Call Manager (ICM) and Intelligent Network (IN) based IVR applications that sit on top of the P90/e architecture, which is deployed in 40 sites throughout BT's UK network.

The addition of SDIN support to selected demographically dispersed core network RIDE nodes provides enhanced routing efficiency for IP Exchange and mobile generated short duration voting calls, avoiding the need to use session border controllers and transcoders which would normally be present when transcoding from IP to TDM reducing the cost and complexity of BT’s network.

"Teligent’s SDIN solution provides great flexibility for BT as this is an addition to existing TDM and SIP support all within the same nation-wide IVR network. This demonstrates the power of the Teligent P90/e platform to be able to incorporate new protocols and provide a seamless transition to the new IP world protecting BT’s original investment in our technology" said Adrian Foulkes, Managing Director of Teligent Ltd.

"Teligent’s upgrade of the P90/e to support SDIN provides seamless integration into our nationwide network bringing security for high volume call scenarios such as national voting events and delivers great flexibility for new applications such as HD voice." said Kelvin Silburn at BT Technology, Service and Operations.

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