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Teligent Announce P90/E Media Server Mark-up Language (MSML) support

June 2020: Teligent today announces an MSML (Media Server Mark-up Language) interface for the IP Media server functions of its P90/E telecommunications platform, providing additional standards based interfaces to its already wide portfolio. By adding MSML Teligent have extended the usability of its core platform, enabling Teligent solutions to both form part of new infrastructure and to replace legacy systems with less effort than ever before.

The MSML interface will be used by BT as part of its new IN-VCS core network IN (intelligent Network) platform to access BT RIDE, an existing Teligent provided solution already in use by BT. The MSML interface could provide access to over 100 media servers within BT’s network, and by leveraging the distributed nature of the BT RIDE P90/E based platform it comes with the benefits of scalability, redundancy, and fault tolerance. By connecting via an MSML compliant interface, Teligent’s P90/E Media server functions  interact with IP Application Servers whether they be in-house developed, or commercial off the shelf (COTS) solutions available in the communications and IP Multimedia Telco marketplace.

Neil Beaton, BT Voice Platform Manager, said: “Teligent have provided further integration into the latest technologies with the addition of the MSML to the BT RIDE network, enhancing BT’s flexibility to handle the forthcoming changes in telecoms infrastructure.”

Adrian Foulkes, Managing Director of Teligent Limited, added: “The new MSML interface support for our core P90/E platform provides our customers with additional scope to integrate Teligent application solutions running on the P90/E into their new and existing telecoms networks.”

BT RIDE provides voice solutions as part of many of BT’s core telecommunications offerings from the well-known Speaking Clock (Timeline) service, to Tele-voting, Quizzes and Competitions, as well as more typical SRP / MRF functions already used across SS7 and now SIP interfaces , as used in this application. Teligent’s provision of  an MSML interface to the system already used by BT’s IN platform allows BT to run legacy and SIP services in parallel,  reducing migration cost and complexity to BT and their customers.

Using its proven P90/E single-platform scalable architecture for converged services, Teligent enables operators and carriers to host and deliver value-added solutions on mobile, fixed and IP networks with full 24x7 support services. These solutions support customers’ individual communications and marketing needs, and include advanced call handling and completion, messaging, and next-generation IN or Internet of Things (IOT) services.

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