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The telecommunications market is rapidly changing with stronger requirements for seamless services integration across different types of networks combined with an increased focus on lower costs of service ownership. The boundaries between the IP/IMS, wireless and wireline networks are eroding and network services are being brought together by a combination of factors, including convergence, mobility, presence and multimedia.

The telecom market-place is never-ending; with daily price pressure and, at the same time, a demand for more services. Both Operators and Vendors need to continuously find attractive services that generate value for the mobile subscriber.

All players are pushed to be more efficient in a very competitive landscape, to understand the market dynamics & trends and relentlessly push for more and better.

We firmly believe in moving the power to the subscriber; the power to decide on what services to use and when. It gives the user a bespoke “my service” experience and it also drives traffic for the operators and reduces churn as these services rapidly become “sticky”.

Teligent Telecom has a strong understanding of our customers’ need to continue to increase the ARPU among their subscriber base and to effectively gain market share in an ever increasingly competitive market. Our services and service platforms are for these reasons designed to be flexible enough to adapt to changing market requirements while providing a carrier grade experience in terms of performance and availability.

We believe that our robust and proven service platform, our people, our dedication and our extensive service development experience sets Teligent Telecom apart from our competition in this field.

We thank you for your interest in Teligent Telecom and hope that you will join the distinguished list of market leaders who depend on Teligent Telecom for their core application and telecom service requirements.


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