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The partnership will strengthen Teligent´s presence in the DACH region and enable better support for existing customers



Teligent Telecom initiates cooperation with Swiss consultancy firm Terra Advisors

October 14, 2010: Teligent Telecom, a leading provider of Value Added Services, Intelligent Network, call completion and charging services to Telcos and operators and Terra Advisors, a consulting firm focused on sales and business development, today announced that they have signed a partner agreement. In accordance with the agreement, Terra Advisors will offer products and solutions from Teligent Telecom to the DACH region.

"This is a very important agreement for us as Teligent carry a range of innovative and exciting products that are clearly demanded in the market. Terra is leveraging the knowledge of its local business development directors as well as its experience working with telecom operators in the DACH region”, says Jeff Lamont, Managing Director at Terra Advisors.

"We are delighted to partner with Terra Advisors to further extend our reach. The strength of the new partnership is further emphasized by the fact that Terra Advisors have a very broad experience in the creation of new business opportunities. With the help of Terra we hope to increase our customer base in the DACH region", says Einar Lindquist, CEO at Teligent Telecom.

The partnership will be key to Teligent Telecom’s growth strategy for the DACH region, further strengthening the company’s presence in these markets and helping it develop both new and incremental business with telcos, operators and service providers.


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As a leading supplier of infrastructure solutions and value-added services to telecommunication operators, Teligent Telecom supports its customers worldwide with network services, call completion solutions, enterprise services, mass calling systems and real-time charging enablers. All are based on the patented Teligent P90/E – a true single platform architecture for service development. Leading operators worldwide have deployed Teligent Telecom’s solutions in various configurations, including BT, SingTel, SMART/PLDT, Telenor, TeliaSonera, Maroc Telecom, Verizon, Vodafone and Telekom Malaysia. Teligent Telecom has local offices in Sweden (HQ), UK, Germany, France, USA, Morocco, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia.

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About Terra Advisors

Terra Advisors assists Telecom and IT firms with their personnel needs as they build their businesses in Europe. Some clients utilize their executive search services while others choose to work with Terra’s team of more than 75 specialized, European Business Development Directors
Terra serves companies with proven sales potential in certain markets and ready to grow further in the European marketplace. Its clients also include companies that wish to reduce the costs and increase the effectiveness of their existing European business development operations.

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