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Teligent Shows How MNOs Can Capitalise on "Over the Top" Services With VoIPZone® at Mobile world congress 2012


  • VoIPZone enables seamless integration of VoIP and GSM nework calls, enabling new subscriber services
  • New Caller ID Theft control solution secures subscriber mailboxes against external spoofing and hacking


    10 January 2012 - Teligent, a leading provider of intelligent network, call completion, IVR and charging services to global telcos and operators, will showcase its new VoIPZone solution at MWC which enables MNOs and MVNOs to integrate ‘over the top’ mobile data and VoIP calls into their subscriber offerings. This supports innovative and attractive subscriber service plans that take advantage of open internet VoIP calling to generate new revenue streams.

    With VoIPZone operators can fully integrate VoIP-based calls and SMS / MMS messaging made over WiFi Internet or 3G data services within their traditional mobile and fixed-line telephony services. This allows all types of calls, outgoing and incoming as well as pre-paid and post-paid, to be billed, enabling operators to offer new services and to capture revenue that would otherwise be lost to VoIP services such as Skype and Viber.

    VoIPZone is an end-to-end solution comprising of Teligent’s Telco-grade network application gateway and its VoIPZone smartphone apps. The apps can be branded by operators and downloaded by subscribers from app stores and eco-systems to Apple, Android and Windows smartphones. The solution enables subscribers to make any type of call, GSM or VoIP, from their normal mobile number to any other landline or mobile number.

    Einar Lindquist, CEO of Teligent said: “Increasing use of ‘over-the-top’ VoIP services on smartphones has been eroding voice revenues; with VoIPZone operators can develop innovative new solutions that integrate VoIP into their core subscriber offering. This approach is a win-win for operators and subscribers because the services add value and encourage stickiness.”

    Operators can introduce new services and fully control subscribers’ call plans and price VoIP calls competitively against existing services such as Skype or Viber. Subscribers benefit because they continue to use their existing number, with no need to set up a new account or caller ID; they can also communicate with any normal mobile or landline, not just other service users. VoIPZone services work with standard mobile terminals such as Apple and Android based smartphones and can be applied to both post-paid and pre-paid subscribers.

    Teligent will also exhibit its Caller ID Theft Control solution which secures customer voicemail boxes against hacking from the use of caller ID spoofing apps. Spoofing apps are available from websites and app stores (e.g. iTunes and Android Market) and enable mobile users to go directly to a voicemail box without the target phone ringing, or to disguise their caller ID to trick the called party.

    Teligent’s solution protects users’ mailboxes by cross-checking apparent caller ID with additional data from the mobile network, enabling it to distinguish genuine calls from those generated using spoofing apps. It is already being deployed by a leading Northern European MNO across its mobile network.

    The VoIPZone and Caller ID Theft Control solutions are built on the proven Teligent Telecom Transitional Gateway, based on the patented P90/E platform. It can serve a multitude of networks and services at fixed, mobile and IP based operators allowing them to discover the benefits of a truly convergent platform. It also enables operators to avoid the cost of replacing their existing legacy service delivery platforms (SDPs) and billing systems, or changing their core networks.

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    Teligent Telecom is a leading innovative provider of value-added intelligent network, call completion and VoIP services. Using its patented P90/E, a true single platform, Teligent enables operators and carriers to host and deliver value-added solutions on mobile, fixed and IP networks that grow revenues and retain subscribers. Teligent’s technology has been deployed in various configurations since 1989 by leading operators worldwide including BT, SingTel, SMART/PLDT, Telenor, TeliaSonera, Maroc Telecom, Verizon, Vodafone and Telekom Malaysia. Teligent Telecom AB has offices in Sweden (HQ), UK, Germany, USA, Morocco, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia.

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