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New application enables Network Operators to offer a flexible, graphical web based system for creating call routing plans as part of their NTS to customers on SIP, TDM and mobile networks

Teligent Telecom Introduces Network Spanning Number Translation Services (NTS) Application

New application enables Network Operators to offer a flexible, graphical web based system for creating call routing plans as part of their NTS to customers on SIP, TDM and mobile networks

13 June 2011: Teligent Ltd, part of the Teligent Telecom Group, a leading provider of Intelligent Network, call completion, IVR and convergent charging services to global telcos and network operators, has today announced a new, fully customisable Number Translation Services (NTS) approach that enables fixed and mobile network operators to rapidly create, or amend, complex call routing scenarios for Freephone or other non-geographic number services.

The NTS application includes Teligent’s Call Plan Editor, an intuitive, Java applet that can allow direct access for operators, their resellers or their subscribers, to rapidly create and edit specific translation and routing plans over a secure Internet connection via a simple, visual user interface. This enables operators to offer a truly flexible service, allowing businesses of almost any size to quickly and easily update the call plan to control inbound telephone calls according to their own changing circumstances.

Adrian Foulkes, Managing Director of Teligent Ltd, said: “Our Number Translation Services can help to make operators’ offerings stickier to business customers, by giving them an easier-to-use way of rapidly changing complex call plans via a simple Graphical User Interface. This can play a key role in reducing customer churn. Furthermore, the level of customisation available from Teligent also enables operators to strongly differentiate their services from rivals.”

Teligent systems may be customised to suit Operator operational or billing interface requirements and the Teligent P90/E Platform has the ability to support multiple signalling systems including legacy TDM networks, Mobile or next generation SIP networks.

Teligent’s NTS application may be customised to suit network operator market driven features such as time or day dependent routing; CLI and signalling based routing; routing on busy or no answer; hunt groups; percentage incoming call distribution and user interaction by DTMF. Many application features may be provided across legacy TDM or mobile/next-generation SIP networks (subject to signalling limitations), making them highly scalable to seamlessly support the operator’s subscriber base evolution.

Using its patented P90/E architecture for services, Teligent enables network operators and carriers to host and deliver customised value-added solutions on mobile, fixed and IP networks. These solutions support customers’ individual communications and marketing needs, and include advanced call handling and completion, transitional gateways, messaging, mass calling, and next-generation IN services.

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