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New solution enables network operators’ profitable legacy services and billing systems to interoperate seamlessly over modern packet core networks

Teligent Announces New P90/E Solution Acting as a Transitional Gateway to Bridge Legacy & Next-generation Service Delivery Platforms

New solution enables network operators’ profitable legacy services and billing systems to interoperate seamlessly over modern packet core networks

25 October 2011: Teligent Ltd, part of the Teligent Telecom Group, a leading provider of intelligent network, call completion, IVR and charging services to global telcos and operators, has announced a new gateway solution that helps fixed and mobile network operators to avoid the cost of replacing their existing, legacy service delivery platforms (SDPs) and billing systems, or changing their core networks.


Teligent’s P90/E platform, acting as a transitional gateway solution, enables operators to maximise their return on investment in IP-based, next generation core networks while maintaining revenues from current and legacy service platforms and applications.


The P90/E transitional gateway function enables operators to reuse existing applications, based on a range of older protocols and signalling systems with their existing TDM subscriber base, whilst simultaneously providing identical services to subscribers residing on new, core IP switching networks.


Applications supported by the Teligent P90/E transitional gateway application include: migration and interoperability of real-time charging and prepaid services; number translation services (both premium rate and freephone); access screening; number portability; least-cost routing; personalised voicemail services and more.


Adrian Foulkes, Managing Director of Teligent Ltd, said: “Operators need to make their existing service investments available for longer, leaving many with mixed estates of older SCPs and new IP-based networks because they cannot afford wholesale swap-out of systems or are plagued with incompatibility issues.


“Teligent’s transitional gateway solution is custom integrated for each and every deployment to link legacy and next-generation telecoms systems, and even mediates these with interfaces to billing systems so as to enable charging across multiple network architectures. This helps to meet the unique needs of the operator allowing them to capitalise on consumer demand or market conditions by supporting rapid service roll-out or extension of lifecycle of existing infrastructure. We believe the Teligent P90/E transitional gateway approach underlines the advanced signalling capabilities of our converged services platform, covering many current and future needs for modern Telcos.”


The Teligent P90/E transitional gateway approach is based on Teligent’s extensive experience in developing customised solutions to overcome the unique challenges that many operators face in today’s market, where off-the-shelf platforms from different vendors or network architectures may prove to be incompatible in key areas.


Infonetics Research forecasts the convergent charging market, including software and services, will grow to $2.6 billion globally in 2014; Teligent’s P90/E transitional gateway approach could help operators to rapidly deploy integrated services, policy and charging solutions to take advantage of this market opportunity.

Teligent’s core P90/E platform supports a wide-range of both telecoms and IP data protocols, giving future-proofed expandability and ensuring that it will interoperate with clients’ network and back-office systems now and in the future. The Teligent P90/E gateway supports a wide range of telecoms signaling and data communication protocols, enabling development of highly customized solutions. Some of the key protocols supported include:



  • INAP (CS-1, CS-2, SINAP, TINAP, etc)
  • CAP v2-4 (voice & data)
  • MAP v2-3
  • ISUP (including national varieties such as BTNUP)
  • SIP (SIP-T, SIP-I and ISC)
  • RTP


  • Parlay/OSA
  • Web services
  • API
  • ODBC
  • LDAP

Using its patented P90/E architecture for services, Teligent enables network operators and carriers to host and deliver customised value-added solutions on mobile, fixed and IP networks. These solutions support customers’ individual communications and marketing needs, and include advanced call handling and completion, transitional gateways, messaging, mass calling, and next-generation IN services.


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