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New hosted IVR functions to be supported by Europe’s largest voice platform

Teligent to Extend Functionality of BT’s RIDE Call Termination Platform

New hosted IVR functions to be supported by Europe’s largest voice platform; upgraded hybrid RIDE nodes will carry both IP and TDM call traffic

September 23, 2010: Teligent Ltd, part of the Teligent Telecom Group, a leading provider of Intelligent Network, call completion and charging services to Telcos and operators, has been chosen by BT Wholesale to further extend the functionality of its BT Recorded Information Delivery Equipment (RIDE) system, believed to be Europe’s largest in-network call termination platform.

Teligent will deploy interactive voice response (IVR) functionality on RIDE, which will support BT’s hosted Intelligent Contact Manager (ICM) services. BT’s ICM delivers customer-facing voice response solutions that are used by major retail organisations in the UK to help automate caller transactions.

The RIDE platform’s new IVR functions will support different call flows according to customer needs, enabling call routing and order handling using speech recognition. This will replace the systems that currently support BT’s ICM services.

Teligent is also handling an upgrade programme for RIDE’s network nodes that will enable them to support both IP-NGN (21CN) and TDM calls. These hybrid nodes will be able to route both types of call, giving optimum network flexibility and capacity for customers’ needs.

Adrian Foulkes, Managing Director of Teligent Ltd said: “This upgrade programme further strengthens the partnership between Teligent and BT in delivering high-volume call handling and response solutions for business and media customers. It underlines our experience in advanced, operator-class value added network services.”

BT’s RIDE terminates calls as near to their origin as possible, thus maximising the number of effective, completed calls. It offers highly complex voting and competition services with the ability to greet callers with announcements, capture caller data, accept voting options, and select winners.

These features, together with the ability to terminate huge volumes of calls, made it possible for BT to provide applications used by major TV shows incorporating voting or competition mechanisms. It is believed that RIDE holds the UK record for handling 3,000 votes each second continuously for five minutes, in this year's final of the ITV show, Britain's Got Talent.

Using its patented Teligent P90/E single-platform architecture for converged services, Teligent enables operators and carriers to host and deliver value-added solutions on mobile, fixed and IP networks. These solutions support customers’ individual communications and marketing needs, and include advanced call handling and completion, messaging, mass calling, and next-generation IN services.

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