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TELIGENT Telecom Charging System

17With the TELIGENT Telecom Charging System (CCS), operators can now improve their marketing capabilities and cost effectiveness while securing revenue flows. TELIGENT Telecom offers a centralized real-time integrated Charging platform for your prepaid, postpaid, mobile, and fixed line subscriber bases. Our Charging System allows rapid deployment of new services and delivers a comprehensive unified Rating and Charging platform for all subscribers.Our industry compliant platform offers a modular, scalable, open architecture with advanced rating, reservation and charging capabilities. Our configurable subscriber service features allows operators the flexibility to deliver marketing, promotional, bonus and incentive schemes to specific market segments. By using TELIGENT Telecom Charging at the core of its prepaid and postpaid services, our customers are gaining the necessary flexibility to rapidly introduce new prices and packages and to create attractive promotions across its service offerings.

The TELIGENT Telecom Charging System enables both prepaid and postpaid accounts for multiple users and services, bundling and cross-product offerings as well as accounting of any transaction, for any number of participants. Events and sessions are charged in real-time, allowing for on-line charging independent of payment method chosen. Within a single system the Convergent Charging System provides reliable high-speed rating, billing and accounting of virtually any type of service deployed in an Intelligent Network Service Architecture.

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Real-Time Charging Gateway

TELIGENT Telecom Real-Time Charging Gateway

istock_000003973669large_smallTELIGENT Telecom Real-Time Charging Gw (RTCGw) is a highly flexible network element that enables message flow control, real-time charging and generation of billing data for all types of traffic. The system provides the operator with complete protection and control over services and traffic by allowing the operator to maintain Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with content providers regarding resource sharing and access to the mobile network. The RTCGw enables mobile operators to offer a large service portfolio over wireless channels, including SMS, MMS and WAP/HTTP over GPRS, ensuring that services are charged in real time with existing NE for fixed and mobile networks. The RTCGw provides mobile operators with a flexible solution to charge for SMS, MMS and Packet Data in real-time. The RTCGw also performs functions such as HLR interrogation. Real-time rating and charging on any event, CDR and EDR generation (CDR for post-paid users and as fallback, prepaid integration over INAP/CAP and DIAMETER API) as well as Tariff plan management.

The TELIGENT Telecom RTCGw is a flexible network element solution that enables message flow control and true real-time charging that provides enhanced rating for various types of traffic. The RTCGw provides the operator with complete control over services and traffic and all traffic is analyzed prior to rating. The RTCGw provides charging of time, volume, event, in any combination.

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